Relationship Counselling in London & East Sussex

If you’re going through a divorce or a challenging relationship, relationship counselling could help you see a way forward. At LMG Coaching, I offer relationship counselling and coaching in Islington in London and Hastings in East Sussex.

Why is that some people seem to have smooth relationships and others seem to be fraught with problems? Nothing seems to give more angst than personal relationships – boy/girl friends, marriage, children and, sadly, separation, divorce and bereavement. In each of these relationships there can be varying degrees of stress, happiness and sadness. And it not only affects the couple: the hurt, the change affects everyone, the two in the relationship, children, families, friends.

Relationship Counselling helps you cope

Reactions are very different to relationship issues and understandably, people go through various stages: hurt, bitterness, anger, sadness. And then there is the loss and loneliness when looking at the future: Money worries, where to live, effect on the children, a job, career. All new experiences, huge amounts to take in at one go.

Nietzsche said ‘That which does not kill us makes us stronger.’ And that is true but something you probably do not want to hear when things aren’t going well.

Relationship Coaching can help you see a way forward, sort out those rampaging emotions and then work through how to cope and what to do. There is a future whatever age you are, there are always options and choices. You are stronger than you think, know more and are able to do more than you think you can.

You are important, invest in yourself.

At LMG Coaching, I practice in two locations – Islington in London and Hastings in East Sussex. Sessions can also be held on Skype. As well as Relationship Counselling, I also offer coaching for stress, anxiety, career related issues, retirement and more. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information. You can hear from recent clients that have benefited from relationship coaching here.