Counselling in London & East Sussex

Flowers where I'm based for counselling in Islington, London, East Sussex and Hastings

I am a Life Coach offering Counselling in Hastings in East Sussex and Islington in London.
Would you like to have high self esteem, confidence, to be free of stress and fear? How would that feel? Since you are reading this page you are probably thinking about those things: and that things need to – and can – be different. And how will that feel when you see your confidence and self esteem develop and those fears are a thing of the past? Just think how your attitude to career, relationships, health would be then.

It’s never too late for Counselling

It’s not too late; it’s never too late to change how you are and how you think. Circumstances change at different times of your life – changing schools, going to university, having children, relationships, careers, divorce, retirement. Those are the times you learn and grow – and growth is not always comfortable – but it makes you stronger. And you are stronger, know more and can do more than you think.

Counselling or Life Coaching can help you see the way forward, become more aware and see different choices. I practice life coaching and counselling in Islington, London and Hastings, East Sussex and can help with various issues:


  • Your Future
  • Your Passion
  • Your Individuality
  • What you want to do and who you want to be

Counselling in East Sussex & London

To find out more about life coaching or counselling please contact me for a relaxed chat or read more on my ‘about me’ page. You can have sessions with me in Islington in London or by the coast in Hastings, East Sussex. Sessions can be held on Skype if meeting face-to-face is difficult to arrange.