Executive Coach Testimonials

Please read some testimonials from clients I have helped as an executive coach in Islington in London and Hastings in East Sussex. Their Executive Coaching or Life Coaching sessions help them with a wide range of concerns – from stress and anxiety to relationships and careers.

Please do contact me, Lauris Morgan-Griffiths, if you would like to talk about how I work as an executive coach and life coach and about how I can help you. I am able to meet face-to-face in Islington, London and Hastings, East Sussex or via Skype or Zoom.

“I came to Lauris during yet another job gap hiatus. I knew that there was fear obstructing me from asserting my skills and capabilities. Lauris called me out on my ‘stuff’ – to unburden myself from past habits and ways of thinking. She helped me explore my options that were both realistic and achievable. Once realised, I ended up having to turn down job offers! I would recommend Lauris fully – her life experience in the workplace and acute perception is formidable, and importantly, her approach is done with sensitivity and compassion.” K.C.

“Lauris, helped me turn my life around at a pivotal time when I had begun to lose hope and feared it was too late. Her warmth and enthusiasm is infectious and I relished our weekly discussions about future potential and plentiful possibilities.” Paul.

“I first met Lauris purely by chance. I had come to a point in my life when I wanted to look forwards rather than always looking back, but I didn’t know how. Every time I visited Lauris, I experienced a feeling of great calm and over a period of several weeks, she was able to make me realise that I had the key to turning my life around. For me, the most vital part of her work with me was her ability to show me a different way of looking at things, which has completely transformed my approach to life.” Susannah, East Sussex

“Lauris worked with me with such kindness, empathy and wisdom. She asked the most perceptive questions and acted as a guide to help deconstruct and transform the blocks that were holding me back. I feel so open hearted and much lighter after having been able to first discover and then let go of some very limiting beliefs.” Sara, Hastings

“Lauris’ ability to empathise with my personal issues was extraordinary. She was able to listen to my point of view and then gently help me interpret the options open to me and pick the most comfortable path for me to move forward. She has great empathy, understanding and interpretative skills.” Janine, Sydney Australia

“Lauris’ ability to break the dam for my creativity to flow again was an extraordinarily precious experience. With sensitivity and patience she guided me along a path to find again what I seemed to have lost. Thanks to her expertise and my determination I embarked on a new and successful journey in my career.” Suzie, West London

“The session gave me a new perspective on my insomnia problem and Lauris’s creative empathy helped me explore and overcome it.” Lesley, St Albans, Herts