Self Esteem Coach in London & East Sussex

My favourite flowers as a self esteem coach in Islington, London, East Sussex and Hastings

How is your self esteem? Would you like some strategies to help raise and strengthen it? I can help as an experienced NLP Practitioner and Self Esteem Coach based in Hastings in East Sussex and Islington in London.

There are times in our lives when our self esteem is not as strong as we would like it to be. We can look at other people and think how do they do it? What we can’t see is what is going on below the surface or under the mask they have adopted.

Why might I need a Self-Esteem Coach?

Something may have happened, unintentionally, many moons ago that dented your self esteem and your confidence: things like whether you feel you are good enough; or do you deserve whatever it is you want – job/love/relationships/success. All of which can affect relationships, career, even health and prevent you living the life you really want. At the time you may have decided that what had occurred was true and have coped with that belief ever since. But is it, was it true?

Through self esteem coaching we can look at the truth of those stories that helped form those beliefs. You cannot change what happened, but you can see that your interpretation might have been skewed at the time. With life coaching we can explore those differences, how you can lighten that load and move forward from feeling lost or stuck with renewed confidence and self esteem.

Let me help you, help yourself.

Self Esteem Coach in London & East Sussex

At LMG Coaching I practice Self Esteem Coaching in Islington in London and Hastings in East Sussex. Sessions can also be held on Skype or Zoom. Please do contact me for any questions you may have or to set up a session. You can also read testimonials from previous clients that I have coached or learn more about me.