Career Coach in London & East Sussex

Beautiful sea - career coach Islington, London, East Sussex and Hastings

Is there something in your career that is causing you stress, confidence issues or fears? I am a Career Coach and NLP Practitioner with years of experience helping people with these issues and more. I work in both Islington in London and Hastings in East Sussex. Skype and Zoom sessions are also an option.

Our work takes up a lot of our life. It should be a time of looking forward, excited about what will happen during the work day. Sadly, however, that does not always happen.

Explore your future with a Career Coach

There may be many reasons why you’re not enjoying your work; you are in the wrong career; the fun has gone out of the job because your skills are not being sufficiently appreciated; you have been passed over for promotion or you simply are not stretched enough. It is worth looking at the reasons now because unhappiness can cause stress and even ill health.

Through life and career coaching you can see what the underlying causes could be – confidence, self esteem, fear of taking risks, belief about your capabilities. Coaching can help you discover your dreams; what you loved doing as a child. It is never too late to change, stretch yourself – and grow.  People do retrain, find more rewarding work elsewhere or within their present company; or begin to develop outside interests that helps fills that dissatisfaction gap.

Dare to dream.

Career Coach in London & East Sussex

At LMG Coaching I offer counselling and career coaching in two locations – Islington in London and Hastings in East Sussex. If you can’t meet face-to-face a Skype or Zoom session will work too. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to ask any questions you may have – I’m happy to help! Alternatively learn more about LMG Coaching and the other coaching services I offer.