Health & Stress Coach London & East Sussex

Stress coach in Islington, London, East Sussex and Hastings

Are you searching for help with illness-related stress? I am an experienced Stress Coach and Master NLP Practitioner that can help you. My Health and Stress Coaching is provided in both Islington in London and Hastings in East Sussex.

We tend to take our health for granted and when something goes wrong it can really shock and shake us up. However, fears are rooted in many things and it might not be a serious health issue, it could be a real fear of future illness and getting older, or concerns about a member of the family’s health.

Everyone’s reaction to health is different. It can be shock, fear, even denial. Whatever it is, it is certainly stressful.

Find your Coping Strategies with the Help of a Stress Coach

Besides the immediate health worries, illness can throw up deep-seated concerns that you might want to talk about at this time. Health and Stress Coaching can help you find strategies to cope with stress, treatment, family and friends, and to look at things candidly that will help put you on a gentler path.

Stress coach in London and East Sussex

At LMG Coaching I offer Health and Stress Coaching in Islington in London and Hastings in East Sussex. Sessions can be also conducted on Skype. Being a Master NLP Practitioner, I also offer coaching for anxiety, career issues, relationships and more. Find out more about me or contact me today.