Thinking of Christmas

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas is pretty much  over and now we are on to New Year’s Eve and looking towards 2015.

Take a few minutes to think back on your Christmas. For some it is great fun, being among family, the excitement of decoration and presents. For others it is something to be tolerated for the shortest possible time and then  back to their normal life and friends. Or we just find our relatives irritating when closeted with them for  too much time.

Do remember, you can make the time anything you want it to be. If you think boring, then that is what it will be. Think fun, and it will be enjoyable. Think what you loved about this year’s festivities; what went wrong, what went right. What could you have done differently, what could you have done more of and better to be happier and have more fun. And then make those adjustments in your daily life – because normally how you do one thing is how you do everything else.  However small your change, you might be suprised at the difference it can make. 

Instead of doing something last minute try starting whatever it is earlier or change your routine,  go a different way to work. Look at the bright side, see life sparkle, rather than dull and monotonous – and see what happens.

If you look for interest, fun, laughter, love and embrace it then that is how your life will be. Think about it. Christmas is only a few days once a year, wouldn’t you want to choose laughter and happiness. And I hope you have a lot of that next year.