Beginning to see the world differently

Snow certainly gives a new perspective to the world. Everything looks different, sounds different – birds are quiet, the traffic is dimmed and the slow scrunch of snow under feet  and feels different.  When you change, even in tiny ways, the world can look different too:  as you think differently, the world appears different too.

When you start to think in new ways, action follows from those thoughts.

So what is it that you would like from your year. New careers,  relationships and refreshed ones, friendships and fresh hobbies.  Losing weight, giving up smoking, having a less stressful life, all things that lead to  a healthier life.   It could be big things, small things, rediscovering what you already have.  I do very often say to people think big but sometimes it is the time to just be, stand still and notice and take small steps.

The tendency in busy lives is to rush at life and get things done. Think what you are missing.  Notice yourself, what you are feeling and doing, the world around you.  Be mindful.  Life is too short, to let things pass in a blur.

If you are beginning to think there could be more to your life then it is worth looking at what you want more of, what you want less of and what you really want. And take the first step today.

New job?  New Career?  What is it you want? Do you know what you want?  What was it you loved when you were a child?  What are you good at?  Work has connotations of being hard, difficult, something you do during the day to earn money.  However, if you are doing what you love it will seem effortless and fun.  People dismiss what they are good at.  I can’t sing and I’d love to but people who can, assume everyone can do that.  Not so. So think of your attributes, your talents.  And don’t be timid. Everyone has something they’re good at – from getting on with people, listening, being analytical, artistic, being good with figures, love detail and good at administration.  So many things.

It might not result in a new job but it might change your way of thinking and result in a new interest that expands your life.

Even if your relationship is a little wonky, it is easy to forget what first attracted you to him and her. Things get lost in the busy-ness of life, so go back and remember three things about what it was that attracted you to them and try and bring those back into the relationship.

I hope your year will be what you would like it to be. Be honest with yourself and like the world changed with snow, think and feel, hear and see what it would look like.