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Change with confidence

Change comes when the time is right © LMG

Change comes when the time is right © LMG

Change with confidence

This season is changing slowly. And then suddenly the right conditions occur and change happens quickly, leaves fall, temperatures fall and we’re into winter.

This year the seasons have been slow to change. The leaves are still reluctantly turning yellow; some trees are only just starting to think about it; others have done what they are meant to do and are now stripped bare, showing off their winter profile. Continue reading

How you do things

The way you are

Christmas windowIt occurred to me when I was in London last week and seeing all the Christmas razmatazz going on that everything was a little early.  It was only November. It felt as if Christmas  was  just around the corner.  Well, it is. But I actually think and see it around several corners. And, perhaps,  that way of thinking, is the difference between deciding why I do things the way I do. Continue reading

Being you

Being you

I heard someone saying I want to buy that dress then that will make me more than I am.

Fair enough.  And it makes you feel good, whatever works for you.  However, I would just say that how long will that be before you would like another dress, another job, house, holiday what will it take to make you more than you are.  Makeovers are more than a change on the outside.  Changing on the inside will last, if you are looking for change from the outside you may be disappointed. Continue reading


A bit of a fall

I apologise for a small hiatus in the blog / articles.  Think skiing, fall, crack, surgeon’s knife, crutches, and that is where I am.

So time of reflection. Sometimes it is good  to step away from the busy noise of life and allow oneself to evaluate where you are, what you value and where you would like to be.  For the moment I have time to chew the cud, to ponder, to smell the roses – and to be.  All of which I am trying actively to do. Continue reading

Change to laughter

Switch to Positive

This is an interim blog just because I felt like it.  To wish people well, have a smile and feel better.

I am smiling, really I am

I am smiling, really I am

A friend said to me the other day with all this doom, gloom and bad news we need more fun.  And indeed we do.   So just because it’s sunny or rainy or windy or … just  because why not have some fun.  Laugh.  And if you can’t manage a laugh, smile.  And broaden the smile.  See how that feels. Do you feel better, happier, does life looks sunnier? Continue reading

Seeing things differently

Seeing things differently

I was reading the other day about the Italian film director, Bernardo Bertolluci, who directed The Last Tango in Paris, The Last Emperor, The Sheltering Sky.    He had had a fall, could hardly walk, was in a wheel chair and at 72 years old wasn’t sure if he was giving up film directing or if directing had given him up.  But everything changed when instead of railing against his situation  he accepted it.

And that is what I help people with – becoming aware that things can change. By seeing and feeling things differently, you will do things in a different way and be different. Actions flow by being aware that there are other choices. Continue reading

Changing times

Do you remember those school reports that said ‘could do better.’ Or maybe that is just me!  But that was then and this is now.

Sometimes people feel that they could do better in their lives in some way.  Change works best when it comes from you and not your school teacher, husband, wife, parents or whoever.  If someone comes to me and says they want to give up smoking or lose weight.  My first question would be why do you want to do that.  And if the answer is my wife would like me to. I respond by saying that it would be better if they come back when they are ready to change their habits. Continue reading

Beginning to see the world differently

Snow certainly gives a new perspective to the world. Everything looks different, sounds different – birds are quiet, the traffic is dimmed and the slow scrunch of snow under feet  and feels different.  When you change, even in tiny ways, the world can look different too:  as you think differently, the world appears different too.

When you start to think in new ways, action follows from those thoughts. Continue reading