Being you

Being you

I heard someone saying I want to buy that dress then that will make me more than I am.

Fair enough.  And it makes you feel good, whatever works for you.  However, I would just say that how long will that be before you would like another dress, another job, house, holiday what will it take to make you more than you are.  Makeovers are more than a change on the outside.  Changing on the inside will last, if you are looking for change from the outside you may be disappointed.

The importance is now.  Make the most of it.  Looking to the past and looking to the future is not going to change you in the now.

So what is it you are really looking for?  If we keep on thinking when I have X then I will be happy,  when I have earned X then I will write my book / go on my fantastic holiday / take some time off. Will it ever happen?

You could be happy now. By thinking these thoughts you are postponing being happy with who you are and what you’ve got.  You are right you can make yourself more than you are.  There are  hidden talents, excellence that you haven’t developed.  Yet. We are all capable of more than we think we are.

And if it is a matter of confidence, of stepping forward into the unknown. Think of something or some time when you have been really confident.  Think where it was, how you felt, how you stood, what you thought, what you saw.  Then breathe deeply and feel it and see it and be it.

Firt think what that one thing is you really reallywant to do – or start to do.  Or be. And think it is possible.  More than possible.  If you are think what it is, you are directing your thoughts and you can follow that path,  You are already beginning to make it happen.

Enjoy the ride.