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As if…. Confident

As if …. I am confident  As if …. I am happy

I was recently reading an article in the Observer where Dawn French was talking about confidence.  And the lack of it.  We all go through those moments from time to time;  feeling confident on one occasion and confidence crashes on another. It happens particularly in those times when we are doing something different, something we haven’t done before, meeting a room full of people we don’t know. Continue reading

Being you

Being you

I heard someone saying I want to buy that dress then that will make me more than I am.

Fair enough.  And it makes you feel good, whatever works for you.  However, I would just say that how long will that be before you would like another dress, another job, house, holiday what will it take to make you more than you are.  Makeovers are more than a change on the outside.  Changing on the inside will last, if you are looking for change from the outside you may be disappointed. Continue reading