I believe in me

As a child we believe we can do almost anything.  We could fly to the moon, the stars and back again, be a dancer, a singer, build bridges, be a doctor, a teacher. Anything.  We know then what we enjoy and what we are good at.

Then tiny bits of doubt creep in, something happens to the certainity of those aspirations.  Why? When you look at that stumbling, that hiccup, that fluttering in the stomach it can be difficult to catch what it is that is holding you back.  Relax and listen, can you hear a little voice? All our voices have a different tone, pitch, loudness,  some are male, others female but often they are saying something like  ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I don’t deserve it’, ‘Other people are better than me.’  A belief that somehow came into being some time ago.

Is that true?  Is that really true?

Everyone is good at something,whether it is making a great lasagne, singing, organising a party, tidying or even laughing.  It doesn’t have to be big – small things are good too.

When you think what is is you are good at, what do you feel, see? How do you look, stand? Pause and allow yourself to really feel that feeling of ‘I enjoy this. I am good at it’.

And when that other little voice tries to get your attention allow that good feeling to flood your whole being.  That negative voice is  trying to keep you safe, keep you in your comfort zone, not wanting you to change.

It is a little scary stepping forward, doing something you haven’t done before, something you don’t feel confident about and that voice is trying to protect you, it doesn’t want you to fail.  But it is also stopping you growing, changing and achieving what you really want to do and being who you want to be.

Those beliefs have served you well, you’ve done well so far, look back and see your achievements. Some of those beliefs have pushed you on to greater heights: to disprove people wrong, to show the world.  However, looking at those beliefs, realising you can change them, can free you from that nagging fear and help you act from a point of self esteem, confidence and strength.

Secretly,  deep down  you know that you can always do more than you think you can, be more than you are and you are always absolutely more than good enough.