Break through the Fear

We are all fearful from time to time.  Can I do it?  Will I make a fool of myself?  Will I fail? Will I let someone down?

Can you think of a time when you were really fearful? I remember as a child running down our dark driveway to the house.  I  focussed on the outside light that my mother had left on and ran fit to burst towards that light, thinking some Thing was out to get me. But each and every time I ran past through that fear and made it home.

Although, I have grown out of those ‘bogey is out to get me’ type fears, there are always other fears lurking.

There was  always the fear that exam results would not be good enough – was I good enough?  I was doing something for the first time would I make an utter balls-up of it, would people laugh at me, think I was useless.  However, when I did whatever I had to do  was the result so awful? Was I so awful?

I got through that fear.  And looking back at it, it wasn’t so bad.  How did I feel afterwards.  I survived, I made it through –  I did it.  I survived.  It felt good.

If you don’t push yourself to do something new and different, what will happen?  Nothing.  And what comes of nothing? Not a lot.

And if it isn’t as successful as you hoped, you did it.  And I’m sure you did it as well as you could and you learned something.  You’ve taken a step towards what you wanted and you’ll do it better next time.  Congratulate yourself. Be proud.

You’ll surprise yourself as well as others.  You can do whatever you put your mind to.  You didn’t fail. Be proud of yourself.

We can all do more than we think we can.

So if it is fear or lack of confidence find out more about that fear and confidence – find out where that came from.   Think of the time you were really confident – how did you feel, how did you look, how did you think. And what happened next.