How you do things

The way you are

Christmas windowIt occurred to me when I was in London last week and seeing all the Christmas razmatazz going on that everything was a little early.  It was only November. It felt as if Christmas  was  just around the corner.  Well, it is. But I actually think and see it around several corners. And, perhaps,  that way of thinking, is the difference between deciding why I do things the way I do.  I wait until the deadline is bearing down on me and then start to do whatever it is. That could be a result of being a journalist for many years, but I rather think it might have been the same with those pesky essays, revision for exams and tidying.

Some people buy their Christmas presents over the year as they see suitable things for peoople, others start in November to get it done, wrapped and avoid the crowds. And others wait until the last minute. Guess which I am?  I can browse now, buy nothing because I haven’t made a decision and then as the deadline approaches pounce, buy everything all together and get slightly irritated by the crowds or what I wanted is now no longer to be seen.  However, I don’t run it to the wire. I don’t wait until Christmas Eve – far too scary.

So which one are you?

Christmas window with a diffrence

Christmas window with a difference Waft & Weft, Hastings

Judging by the adage that the way we do one thing is the way we do everything:  decision making, (un)tidiness, dealing with money, being late/early  for appointments …. Can you spot your pattern?  Change one thing and you might find that other things change as well. I’ve heard people say ‘that’s who I am” implying that they can’t change. Well, is that true?  So try doing something differently. For a start you could begin by doing something simple by taking a different route to work, to school, or to the shops.  It’s a start in viewing the world differently.  And who knows what might lead from that.

Happy shopping.