New Year’s Resolutions



New year.  New year plans. Who or what are we going to be / do / achieve in 2014?

It is that time for New Year resolutions. However much people say I don’t bother making them, inevitably thoughts turn towards the future. However good it was, we always want to achieve something more, something different.

More laughter, more fun, more success.

So why not start by looking at things in a different way.

If 2014 was a colour what colour would it be?

If it was a character what sort of character would it be?  Or a combination of characters – someone full of humanity, wisdom, fun, success, anarchy, adventure, humour, great energy, health, kindness …. ? Whoever you want to be, try it on for size and see how it fits.

And then think what that character can and will achieve.

Approaching the year in a different way means viewing it from a different perspective, let the mind roam, you can see things afar, close to, even smell it. And who knows you might become aware of some very different insights.

So however you approach the year, whatever conclusions you come to, resolutions you make, good luck and have a great year.