Boost your confidence and self esteem

Reward yourself © lmg

Reward yourself © lmg

Confidence and self esteem can come and go. It is never constant, circumstances change as you meet new challenges.

This dear dog, sitting waiting for someone to pick him up, find a home and love him.  Could that be you? A little adrift from the world wanting someone to feed your confidence and self esteem and make you feel worthwhile. However, when people say things to you like: ‘you look wonderful’; ‘you did that well’; ‘I wish I could do that’; ‘you are so talented’; do you  listen and believe them?

Everyone wants to be loved, acknowledged and rewarded. But does it ever occur to you that the reward, the ‘well done’s  need to come from you; you are the only person who can give you the rewards that matter and bolster your confidence and self esteem.

And, it is possible to boost your confidence and feed your self esteem. Until you believe in yourself –  and when you believe in yourself – then you can pick yourself up and begin to acknowledge who you are, who you want to be, and what you can offer the world.

Be a friend to yourself. Think what you would say to a good friend.

Every night before you go to sleep think of all the things you are  good at, look at the things you did well that day; it could be something as seemingly small as smiling at someone that looked as if they needed it, properly listening to someone; acknowledging a compliment; helping something with a task; or delivering a good presentation. Recognise your achievements rather than say to yourself ‘I can’t do that’, ‘I didn’t do that well’, say ‘I can’, ‘I did that well and next time I will do it better/differently’.

It is all too easy to run ourselves down. Wouldn’t it be nicer to praise ourselves. Be positive, think positive thoughts and after a while you might just find that your thoughts turn more easily to the good things in life and  see your attributes more clearly. It works. We are all good at different things if we can only see them. Value yourself.

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